The authors of architectural works that appear in images on this website in plans, projects and finished works and projects and civil engineering works is INARQ CONSULTING SLP and ARQuitectura PauDíezOliva through itstechnical writers and / or directors of the works, whose name andhis address is detailed in the file for each project and work.

In accordance with Articles 17 to 21 of Royal Decree 1 / 1996 of 12 April, so it’s’ approved the Consolidated Law on Intellectual Property, rights of use of such works relate to authors and,therefore, reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation can not be made ​​without the express permission of the author.

It is expressly forbidden to reproduce or architectural plans andfinished works that appear in the images of this website and, therefore, without such consent shall be unlawful to reproduce, by any means either mechanical or print a copy for imitation doing a project that substantially reproduce in whole or in part projects and / or works executed or execution of a model.

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