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ARQuitectura PauDíezOliva customer service to help in their ideas and needs,planning, construction, alteration, rehabilitation and conservation, developing technical projects, works by monitoring and advising on management processes specific to the sector of building and civil works.
The company’s organizational structure provides a broad collaboration of qualified professionals, allowing addressing the different constraints of the project and work from a unique multidisciplinary collaboration to customer service.
Our home, located in the technical consulting for the public sector has expanded over the years the private sector, providing direct customer knowledge, tools and product quality incorporated the company in its collaboration with the government.

Foundation and Development sectors.

INARQ S.L.P. CONSULTANTS born in 1995 in order to advise and develop social studies, projects and work management related to construction, engineering and civil works.

Initially focused its services on the activity of Hydraulic Engineering (sanitation), road network (highways, roads, roundabouts), and consulting to builders.

Over the years, the company is incorporated in the field of architecture, independently led since 1993 by Díez i Pau Oliva, an architect and manager of INARQ CONSULTANTS SLP, bringing the power of innovation affordable, functional design, the maintenance and upkeep of buildings.

The experience and knowledge gained as a result of the multidisciplinary initiative (architecture, town planning, environmental, civil engineering and facilities), applied transversely to the needs of projects and works, can present a professional perspective of quality, attentive to interests of each other on its formalization environment, coordinating the management, technical and economic development projects and the reality on site.
It offers the possibility of comprehensive project management and construction management, often involving both sectors (architecture and engineering). Currently it changes its name to ARQuitectura PauDíezOliva.


Projects and Works Department in the field of development, construction and maintenance, under either the private and public sectors specializing in construction, rehabilitation, development and civil engineering.
Technical Advisory, certificates, opinions, Technical Inspection of Buildings and Studies related to the promotion of the building, its possibility and economic feasibility planning, construction, maintenance and conservation of buildings.

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