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ARQuitectura PauDíezOliva offers its technical and professional consultancy services to companies and individuals, promoters and managers, traders and industry associations, owners and administrators of estates, foundations and governments.We collaborate with our clients, from management and processing of documents required for compliance with current legislation, to the reality of particular expectations, trade, planning, capital investment, promotion, conservation and social improvement.



Main Services:

  • Technical Advice.
  • New Construction.
  • Reform / Interior Design.
  • Rehabilitation.
  • Foreign Elements of buildings repairs.
  • Park Planning Real Estate Managers.
  • Conservation manager.
  • Removal of Architectural Barriers.
  • Elevators.
  • Sustainability and Energy Savings.
  • Neighborhood.
  • Civil Engineering.
  • Innovation.
  • Studies and Reports.
  • Building Conservation and Book.
  • Partial documentation.
  • Certificates, Opinions, Surveys and ITE’s.
  • Energy Certification.
  • Habitability cells.
  • Grants.
  • Processing of Licenses and Permits of work.

Technical Advice: The first step in any entrepreneurial activity in the field of construction, placed in the policy and legal framework in which to develop the idea of ​​new development, expansion, renovation or maintenance.

Make arrangements with the municipalities, the Generalitat and other authorities with jurisdiction over the action you want to complete. Advise on the possibility of subsidies that promote sustainability and recovery of the property.

New Construction: We work closely with clients to achieve their goals, informing and advising the regulatory framework mandatory for each performance.

Developed the idea from the previous study and draft, incorporating the objectives and policy framework in the baseline, to realize the constructive definition in the project implementation. We define the space and quality, desired finishes, facilities and equipment. Quantify the work units of measurements in listings. Incorporate the Health and Safety Study related to each work. We design criteria of environmental efficiency and sustainability, we certify the energy level of his class.

Reform / Interior Design: We studied the best choice for trade reform, housing, local i office building construction project that will control execution of the desired space. We and proceed with the environmental license for the opening of your business.

Rehabilitation: The rehabilitation project drafted for the study of pathologies, we define distinct phases for better management of the works, went implementation to ensure the safety and reduced customer complaints resident. Include in the recovery criterion of the character of the building, replacing the composition of the finishes, selecting materials and studying the chromatic equivalent best to source their design, ensuring regulatory compliance in all urban landscape.

Rehabilitation, linked to the preservation and maintenance of real estate, further recovery built architectural values​​..

Foreign Elements of buildings repairs (facades, patios and decks): specific rehabilitation work envelope of the buildings, diseases that affect the tightness and security of people. We analyze the conditions and causes, we repair projects and follow-up work for the fulfillment of the requirements and interests of the property. We work with property managers and property owners’ information sessions on the current status of your building.

Park Planning Real Estate Managers: Focused on groups, cooperatives, institutions, foundations and all those entities who work in a product housing stock historical acquisitions. Make an inventory of buildings with surveying and digital planimetric refund, we wrote detailed reports of diseases and condition, indicate the estimated repair time and cost estimation approach works. We analyze the facility, providing the necessary update and proposed investments in energy saving. Generate the document summary sheets for each site, building or construction, allowing the manager to plan the strategic decisions of its activity.

Conservation manager for Property Administrators, private developers and Communities of Owners: perform the “Document Zero” starting point for the conservation of existing buildings, detailing each of the systems and subsystems construction and facilities, indicating their state of conservation and determining the actions necessary for review and implementation in the short and long term. We propose to monitor their “conservation plan” with our head architect.

Removal of Architectural Barriers: We studied the best way to ensure accessibility for disabled people in buildings and in transit through urban areas, with technical project development and monitoring of works to be carried.

Elevators: designed and supervised the civil works to introduce new elevator in your building.

Sustainability and Energy Savings: Include in the mandatory requirements under applicable law to carry out Energy Certification i eco-efficiency in buildings. We advise clients of the potential energy savings for new construction project and improvement of existing buildings as well as the choice of materials, maintenance and subsequent return period for energy investments undertaken.

Neighborhood: designed and supervised the development works in municipalities and privately owned estates. New works, upgrade, urban planning, improved road system and services.

Civil Engineering: carry out projects and supervised the work of sanitation, road network, service infrastructure, roads and bridges to public and private agencies.

Innovation: we are committed to high construction and quality control in manufacturing of materials, offering industrial systems that improve execution performance and the application of criteria for constructive solutions, equipment and facilities aimed at the decrease in the consumption energy. We maintain ongoing meetings with manufacturers and industrial building systems consistent with the objectives of each project.

Studies and Reports: develop studies to complete the feasibility analysis of planned construction activities, with approximate evaluation of the cost of the works. We write the necessary reports relating to buildings and urban space. We conducted surveys of diseases of the buildings, enclosing graphic description of the effects and justified interpretation of the causes. We conducted the preliminary study and blueprint for new construction, expansion and reform, allowing display and transmit to others the conception of ideas.

Building Conservation and Book: perform conservation plans for better managementand planning of maintenance and upkeep of buildings and urban infrastructure. We advise owners and communities about the most urgent actions. We write the book of the building for track maintenance.

The best way to get the building’s Certificate of Fitness issued by the Generalitat deCatalunya-essential for access to grants for rehabilitation of buildings improves is schedule performances of conservation and economic cost in advance, paying special attention to the main elements of risk to personal safety.

Partial documentation: serve each solicitation, studying the background and considering the possibility to develop professional documentation that came partially in each of the above areas where we offer services to our customers.

Certificates, Opinions, Surveys and ITE’s (Technical Inspection of Buildings): According to customer needs, we certified the condition of the building and its facilities, advice and expertise for dealing with insurance companies and technical inspections of the building and other certificates binding the state of conservation and use of buildings. Energy certification of buildings in compliance with RD 235/2013.

Habitability cells: Perform visual inspection of housing candidates habitability cell renewal, we see the fulfillment of the requirements in the regulation of Livability, wrote the certificate. We can process the application for the cell of Habitability in the housing department of the Generalitat of Catalonia.

Grants: manage the technical documentation to be eligible for municipalities and the Government of Catalonia in the field of rehabilitation, conservation, installation of lifts and removal of architectural barriers.

Processing of Licenses and Permits of work: basic project execution, we can act as community representatives for the processing of documentation required by type of work and the license that governs.


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