Equip Humà.

Team’s Coordinator Pau Díez i Oliva.

Head of Architecture Department – Pau Díez i Oliva.

- Architect for ETSAB in 1993.- Collegiate no. 24697-2 . Official College of Architects of Catalonia (COAC).- Exercise of the profession since 1993, developing public and private development projects in the field of construction, renovation, rehabilitation and development.
-Diploma in Energy Efficiency Rehabilitation Industrialitzación and Facility Management. Approved consultant SOLVIS.
- Partner of consulting INARQ S.L.P. since 1995, coordinating projects and civil engineering work management, and since 2004 as developer and project work management in promoting private housing flats.
- Collaborating with the Government of Catalonia since 1993, plans development of urbanization, infrastructure, service buildings and conservation of real estate developer and project manager of the works.
- Member of Passivhaus Platform for the Mediterranean 2010-2013.
- Member of the Association AUS (Architecture and Sustainability of the College of Architects of Catalonia).
Head of Civil Engineering Department– Sergio Julian García.
- Engineer of Civil Engineering. UPC 1984- Technical Director Ferrocivil SA to 1995
- Practice of the Profession Liberal since 1997

- Member of ACHEI.
- Member of the Judicial College of Civil Engineering, C. and P. groups in the Structural, Transport and Planning.
- Author and project director of civil engineering, road and railway routes, calculista structures, studies of health and safety of civil engineering, Quality Control Plan (PCQ), Systems Assurance Quality. Legal Experts

Department projects.

Lucía Rodríguez Fernández
- Architect for ETSAB in 2001.- Collegiate No. 33305-0 • Official College of Architects of Catalonia (COAC).- Architect designer: development of three-dimensional models, virtual representation of the project and public space development projects in interior design.

Eva Palacios Martín
- Architect for ETSAB in 2000.- Collegiate No. 33227-5 .Official College of Architects of Catalonia.
- Technical appraisal- Architect designer: drawing, writing and basic outline of projects and execution of various types of properties, suitability for local cinema complex and lifting plans.

Engineering and environmental support.
Jaume Perna Bernat
Industrial Engineering, Director of OTP – engineering services.
Hector Fernández
Engineer, Technical Coordinator OTP – engineering services.
Construction management and Responsible for Safety and Health in project and work – Mercè Torrens Balaguer.
- Technical Architect (UPC 1.999), specialty of Rehabilitation.
- Collegiate No. 9.313 CAATEEB (Col·legi d’Aparelladors, Arquitectes Tècnics i Enginyers de l’Edificació de Barcelona)
-Activity: Projects, Works and Management in Rehabilitation of buildings, interior design and Safety and Health in the works.
-Member of the CAATEEB list of judicial experts.
Support calculation, structural design and structural pathologies.
Llorenç García i Geira
- Associate Architect no. 13206-3 (1983) .Official College of Architects of Catalonia- Founding member of the ACE núm.27
- Member of the group of architects and expert forensic experts and the COAC.
- Member of the list of legal experts of the COAC.
Eduardo Doce Goicoechea
- Associate Architect núm.16.306-6 (1987) • Official College of Archirtects of Catalonia.- Member of ACE.
Partners in Construction Management and Occupational Safety and Health Works.
Josep Maria Estivill Rodríguez.
- Technical Architect for EUATB in 1986- Associate in 6276 n College of Surveyors, Architects and Technical Engineers building in Barcelona.
Xavier Gandarillas Casado.
- Technical Architect for EUATB in 1985.- EPS for the Engineering Building, University of Lleida in 2011.- Master in Management of real estate companies and the University of Lleida CONSTRUCTION year 1991-93.- Collegiate no. 390 in the Association of Builders, Architects and Technical Engineers building Lleida (Lleida CAATEE).- Exercise of the profession since 1985
- Project Manager of construction of private residential developments.
We also collaborating on Surveying and Geotechnics, essential in screening for new construction, rising asset inventory data, with reforms in the subsoil condition, road and urban planning and development.
Groups and Organizations binding.

  • PEP – Platform for Building Passivhaus Mediterranean 2013
  • AUS – Architecture and Sustainability.
  • COAC – Official College of Architects of Catalonia.
  • RELI – Electronic Registry of Catalonia Tender
  • CICCP – College of Engineering in Civil Engineering.
  • ASEMAS – Professional Civil Liability Insurance.

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